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Spraying Aerosols:


Do not store aerosols below 59F (15C). If they have been stored below this temperature do not use them until they come up to room temperature. Aerosols contain a mixture of product and propellant and at lower temperatures the product wants to “drop out of the propellant”. When this happens, either the aerosol button nozzle and/or dip tube may become clogged. When sprayed the product may come out in blobs and fall on your work. Aerosols can also be placed upside down for storage to prevent settling of product. Shaking the aerosols once a week will extend self life.


The contents of any aerosol can tend to settle toward the bottom. Shaking before each use to completely mix the ingredients prior to spraying will insure that you will be getting the proper mixture of finish, sheen, solvent and propellant.

Apply Thin Coats

Thin coats do not sag or run. Thin coats dry faster, are more flexible and are less likely to have adhesion issues. Select the correct aerosol button: Small (fine spray) or Large (medium/heavy spray).

Don’t Spray Too Close

To get the ideal spray pattern, keep the spray tip about 12 inches from the surface. Too close leaves too much finish; too far away and your finish actually starts to dry in the air, depositing specks of pebbly finish rather than a smooth, liquid coat.

Note: if the coating looks or feels rough, there's a good chance that you were too far away.

Keep Moving

To avoid leaving a small puddle of finish, start spraying a few inches off to the side, then slowly and steadily draw it across the surface, stopping only after you have gone past the opposite end. Repeat the process with continuous passes, each one over-lapping the previous one slightly.

Clean the Aerosol Button Nozzle & Dip Tube

Whenever you stop spraying, turn the can upside down and depress the nozzle until nothing is coming out except clear propellant. The propellant forces any remaining finish out of the dip tube and nozzle before it dries, keeping it clear for the next time.

Use the Blow Out Button (BOB) for dip tubes that are hard to clear out. Replace aerosol buttons (AB) when they become clogged.


Avoid spraying on a hot day. Applying the product in high temperatures can accelerate the drying process and cause the coating to dry before it adheres to the surface, sometimes creating a sandpaper-like finish. Cool the surface before spraying. The optimum temperature is 72ºF.

Note: Do not spray in direct sunlight, a spot in direct sun will be much hotter! 

Repair Instructions

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