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Are your Kits easy enough to use for the "do-it-yourselfer"?

You can expect great results with our easy to use repair kits.

How often should I clean and apply leather conditioner to my leather?

At least 2 times a year. Every 3 months or more is ideal.

What about scratches in leather?

Most scratches can be can be sanded smooth with 600# sandpaper. Even if you have to sand down to the raw leather.

What will remove ink from leather?

The fresher the ink stain is, the better your chances are of getting it out. Our IR - ink remover is the strongest that you can use on leather. If you cannot remove the stain with our ink remover, you will have to cover it with color.

I have a black leather bag that I would like to re-do. The outside needs refinishing with color. Can you give me any ideas?

Our products are great for refinishing the color of leather. The RCK liquid kit has plenty of product for you.

I have a black leather coat that is faded and I would LOVE to restore it. Could I use your product for that?

Yes, our coloring kits work great on all smooth leathers.

I found a burn hole in my driver seat. It's not a large burn and it's not very deep. How can I fix this problem?

You can fix it with our RK-L kit. This kit includes color, cleaner, sandpaper, leather fillers and a palette knife.

I have a motorcycle with black leather saddle bags. Some paint over spray got on them, what should I do?

You can color on top of the overspray with our product. Use the RCK liquid kit. The triclean prep cleaner may be able to remove most of the paint overspray.

I have a scratch on my leather steering wheel that I accidentally made with a key. What would I order from you and how would I repair this scratch?

Lightly sand the scratch smooth. Use the RCK liquid kit to apply the color. If the scratch is deep and sanding does not work, fill with the CF gray crack fill.

I am wanting to dye my blue leather seat to black. Solid black, what is the best products you have to keep the color and resist wear? Also, how much product is needed to do two bucket seats and a rear bench seat?

Any of our automotive black leather dye will work. You will need an RCK liquid color kit and an extra 8 ounces of color. We recommend getting the HT high tac primer to improve adhesion qualities for your color change application.

Note: When color changing, prepping (cleaning) the leather is essential to great adhesion. Wet sand with the TC triclean prep cleaner so the leather becomes tacky. Then apply HT high tac primer, followed by color.

How long will the new finish or repair last?

In most cases and under normal use conditions, the repaired areas can be expected to last as

long as the surrounding leather. When you re-dye a leather driver’s seat due to wear damage, your new

finish is likely to wear at the same rate as the factory finish did.

Will leather dyes stain clothing?

Classic colors are a polyurethane water base coating. Once dried, the finish does not transfer to clothing. Wet clothing and water should be avoided until the color has thoroughly cured, approx. 24 hours.


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