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Carpet Repair

Posted by David Prince on

Materials: razor blade, (SPG) powergel or (63) Velour base adhesive, sub-patch material, and (HH66) sub-patch adhesive.

  1. Small holes:
    1. Cut out charred or damaged fibers.
    2. Scrape fibers from an area under the seat using a razor blade on its side, gently scrap.
    3. Fill hole with (SPG) powergel, or (63) adhesive and apply fibers.
  2. Large holes:
    1. Cut out charred or damaged fibers.
    2. Apply sub-patch material somewhat larger than damaged area by applying (HH66) sub-patch adhesive or (PT-20) Slo-Zap to top of sub-patch and bottom of carpet.
    3. Cut a patch (piece of carpet) from under seat or dash where it is not in view. Apply to hole using (HH66) sub-patch adhesive or (SPG) powergel.
    4. Scrape fibers from under seat and place around patch with (SPG) powergel or (63) adhesive.
  3. Dye if necessary.
Repair Instructions

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