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Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

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Leather is a natural product that wears and ages with time. This results in less flexibility and surface cracks. Just like with human skin, proper nurturing and care is essential. The conditioning treatment required will depend on the state of the material.

After coloring, treat the leather with (ProC) Leather Conditioner. The conditioner will feed, protect and prolong the life of the leather. Proper maintenance of leather should be performed a minimum of twice annually to avoid cracks, dryness and further damage.

Maintenance Care

Aged/Worn Leathers NOT requiring coloring

Start by cleaning the piece. To avoid removing any of the protective layers inherent to all leathers, dilute the (#TC) triclean prep cleaner 10 to 1 with water. (SC) Strong cleaner may also be used.

Spray the cleaner once or twice on a damp cloth or applicator sponge and rub onto the leather area. Use a damp cloth to remove excess. Repeat the process until all of the piece/pieces have been treated.

After cleaning, apply (ProC) Leather Conditioner. This product has been developed with a unique formula which penetrates leather and adheres to leather fibers. Unlike other products, this product leaves no glossy film residue. The Leather Conditioner is PH balanced for leather.

The conditioner protects old and young leather from tears, cracks and premature aging, furnishing the right dose of lubrication to keep it strong and flexible. It is made with the finest oils to enable emulsion into microscopic droplets which adhere to the leather fibers, treating them without leaving oily residues.

Remember to shake the container before use. Application is simple. Apply the conditioner to a clean cloth or sponge and spread over the surface, covering the entire piece. Allow a few minutes to dry, buff with a clean dry cloth.
Repeat the process for highly worn and damaged leathers. In that case wait longer for the absorption of the conditioner before wiping clean. The (ProC) Leather Conditioner can be applied to all leathers: aniline, semi-aniline, protected, finished, unfinished, nubuck, suede, 2-tone, etc. Will not stain or change the leather color.

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