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Red Out Stain Removal

Posted by David Prince on

RO-Red Out:

Red Out is a heat transfer process of removing red stains in carpet & fabric. 

    1. Stained area must be absent of any other cleaners or residue. If present, rinse area.
    2. Spray Red Out (RO) with a trigger sprayer. Apply liberally to center of stain and work to outside edges.
    3. Work Red Out into stain with brush and place a thin wet white cotton towel over stained area. (It’s important to use proper type of towel as described in this step.)
    4. Fill steam iron with water and place on cotton or high setting with steam on.
    5. Place steam iron on wet towel and depress for approximately 20 seconds, shift towel to wet area and proceed. Continue to move towel to clean wet area.
  • a) Important to keep towel wet with water.
  • b) If stain is persistent, apply more Red Out, brush into stain and repeat Step #5.
Repair Instructions

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